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Robert R. Moton High School students, 1953.
Robert R. Moton High School students, 1953.

Mercy Seat Films

This documentary film company was formed for the express purpose of producing They Closed Our Schools. The director/cinematographer, film editor and producers all bring to this project a wealth of experience in documentary film production and historic research.

Mercy Seat Films
2037 Monument Avenue, Suite 1
Richmond, Virginia 23220

Tel   804.303.4020
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Tax-deductible Donations

We are still seeking additional funding to complete the production of They Closed Our Schools and the accompanying educational and outreach component. The film will be presented at film festivals, conferences, and through educational curriculum in high schools, colleges, and universites with an accompanying teacher's guide. The film will also be released in a DVD version.

Donations to They Closed Our Schools are tax deductible and may be made to our non-profit fiscal sponsor.  Please make your check payable to The Film Arts Foundation and reference They Closed Our Schools with your donation.

The Film Arts Foundation
145 9th Street, Suite 101
San Francisco, CA  94103

To donate online using a credit card, click here to reach the Film Arts Foundation web site. Once there, click on "T" and scroll down to They Closed Our Schools for an online donation link.

Your interest and support for They Closed Our Schools is gratefully appreciated and will enable us to continue this important work.

(Photograph by Hank Walker/Life Magazine, courtesy of TimePix.)